About RideAsia EV


RideAsia EV 2025 Expo is the eco-friendly Electric Vehicles Expo in India & is held in Pragati Maidan , New Delhi, offering comprehensive market information, great business opportunities and a platform for networking.

RideAsia EV 2025 brings to the Electric Vehicle industry the opportunity to showcase, see and understand the latest in electric vehicle, components and services for convenient and environment friendly transportation of passengers and goods. The expo ensures that the right national and international players exhibit their technology and products to the right audience-the owners & operators, the manufacturers & traders. RideAsia EV 2025 is the expo dedicated to electric vehicle industry in India. “End mile connectivity” and “Environment Friendly” are the key to Electric vehicle industry.

RideAsia EV was launched in 2019 showcasing new products, innovative solutions & the latest EV models to an enthused audience alongside a comprehensive conference featuring high-value actionable agenda and an outstanding lineup of speakers from governments, Industry & trade. distributors etc.

Post COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns cast significant impacts on global economy in the short run. Their impact on stability of global electric vehicles (EVs) supply chain and thus our climate ambition in the long run, however, remains hitherto largely unexplored.

Any EV boom, however, will be a part of a wider resurgence in electric vehicle buying regardless of powertrain, catalyzed by changing patterns of mobility. Fewer, longer work journeys coupled with lingering concerns over the safety of public transport are cementing the car as a low-infection-risk “safe space” for travel. As a result, the demand for electric vehicle of all types seems set to grow. The challenge for OEMs and dealers alike will be to capitalize on consumer interest in alternative power trains and persuade even more potential new car buyers to go green and make an EV rather than an ICE car their next purchase.

RideAsia EV 2025, we aim to address this gap based on an integrated model framework and the lifestyle of people. RideAsia EV has the perfect facilitator for cooperation between National and International manufacturers and consumers . The focus is directed to make and maintain the long term relationship building among National and International clients. Delivering Value